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Chiropractor in Bloomington IL

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Dr Robert Hermann is a chiropractor in Bloomington IL. He has been treating low back pain, neck pain, mid back pain, shoulder and knee pain for over 30 years. Above all, he is one of a handful of chiropractors in the state of Illinois with board certification in orthopedics. In addition, low back pain, neck pain and other musculoskeletal conditions respond best to traditional chiropractic manipulation. Certainly, Dr Hermann has the skills and expertise to treat your back pain.

Dr Hermann graduated in 1983 from Logan College of Chiropractic. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Logan College and a Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1983. Subsequently, in 1993, he achieved board certification in orthopedics from the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedics. As a result, he is a diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedics or DABCO.

Functional medicine

In addition, board certification in orthopedics has led Dr Hermann to treat many patients with autoimmune conditions. This led Dr Hermann to the Functional Medicine approach of treating chronic disease such as rheumatoid arthritis.

As a chiropractor in Bloomington IL, Dr Hermann has helped thousands of patients in his more than 30 years experience. He has helped them navigate the maze of chronic illness.

Therefore, his philosophy is to be as in depth as possible in exploring the cause of chronic illness. He works with other doctors for the benefit of the patient. He also believes a holistic approach is the best way to manage chronic conditions. In addition, he says use medication when needed but natural methods should be tried first. 

Dr Hermann is also certified in acupuncture.

Commitment to Community

Dr Hermann’s personal life reflects his interest in health. For example, he has taught tai chi at Illinois Wesleyan University since 1993. This Saturday morning class was started by him and his friend Dr Jiong Gu. In addition, the class has taught hundreds of locals how to perform and receive the health benefits of tai chi. This class has also has produced many of the local tai chi instructors.

Dr Hermann is also a first degree black belt in Tai Kwon Do and enjoys sparing with his son.  More importantly, he frequently talks to various groups on nutrition, functional medicine, DNA, chiropractic and acupuncture. For example, he taught a nutrition class at Heartland Community College. He also has spoken many times to classes and groups at Illinois Wesleyan. 

DNA testing

Above all, of particular interest to him and sure to creep into every talk is the remarkable science of DNA. Certainly, DNA is on the scientific forefront of medicine. It’s amazing ability to code all of life’s proteins in one molecule is nothing short of miraculous.  Genetics patterns certainly are also useful in evaluating patients with chronic illness.

In conclusion, for an educated, experienced and friendly chiropractor in Bloomington IL give our office a call. 309 663-2423

Don't live in pain. We can help.

Low back pain

Chiropractor Bloomington IL low back pain

Low back pain has many causes, for the reason that different areas of the back can generate different pain. Therefore in evaluating back pain it’s important to determine what is generating the pain. Hence, back pain can be generated by: Click on one below

Muscular pain

Disc problems

Facet pain

Sacroiliac SI


Short Leg Syndrome 

As a chiropractor in Bloomington, IL our office will find the cause or your pain and get you back to health.

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Neck pain

Chiropractor Bloomington IL neck pain

Neck pain generators are the same as low back pain, except there is no sciatica. However, you can get pressure on the nerves in your neck. Similarly the pain will radiate but not down the leg, it will radiate down the arm. So it is still important to determine what is generating the pain. Here are some of the causes of neck pain.

Muscle pain

Disc pain

Facet pain

Pressure on nerve (brachial neuralgia)

Short leg syndrome 

As a chiropractor in Bloomington, IL our office will find the cause or your pain and get you back to health.

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Mid back pain

Chiropractor in Bloomington IL mid back pain

Mid back pain has many causes, for the reason that different areas of the back can generate different pain. So in evaluating back pain it’s important to determine what is generating the pain. Hence, mid back pain can be generated by: (Click on one below)

Mid back muscular pain

Thoracic disc pain

Pressure on nerve in mid back (intercostal neuralgia)

As a chiropractor in Bloomington, IL our office will find the cause or your pain and get you back to health.



Chiropractor in Bloomington IL headache

Certainly headaches have many causes. Most importantly, in order to get chronic headaches under control a comprehensive approach is needed. Therefore an approach from chiropractic and functional medicine is best. Headaches often have a musculoskeletal cause. Headaches also can have a metabolic cause. In conclusion, a comprehensive approach is needed for chronic headaches.

As a chiropractor in Bloomington, IL, I will help you to get control of your headache pain.

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Functional medicine

Food allergies

For the reason that functional medicine gets to the root cause of disease, it is essential. It is essential to regain health.  In addition, it does this without drugs which have side effects.

Therefore, if you have a chronic illness, explore functional medicine on this website. Also, you are welcome to call our office with questions for the doctor.

In conclusion, as a chiropractor in Bloomington, IL, I am dedicated to getting rid of your pain.

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Knee and Shoulder

women knee pain

As a chiropractor in Bloomington, IL, we treat knee and shoulder pain daily.


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Dr Hermann has been very friendly and caring since I went for adjustments.He is pretty good at making conversations and been honest on giving you opinions on what to do next about treatment. His secretary Penny has always been very sweet caring and friendly. She is always there to make you feel you are being taken care of. Thanks you Dr Hermann and Penny!
Wendy Batin
August 6, 2019
Wonderful office to go to. They are very caring. Dr Hermann listens carefully to you and figures out what's best for you.
November 3, 2019
Dr. Hermann is excellent. He really listens to any issues you have and provides his accredited wellness plan back to your best health. Eager to get you in his office during those times where the pain hits you worst. His administrative assistant Penny, is super. Super nice! and always super positive! Thank you Dr. Hermann and Penny!
Terry Duprueur
September 24, 2019
Dr. Hermann is kind and conversational. Penny is a ray of sunshine from the moment you walk in. I’ve never spent more than 20 minutes here because of the efficiency of care that Hermann Wellness provides.
Andrea Elser
Hermann Wellness
September 16, 2019
Midwest Functional Medicine played a major part in my health improvement. Dr.Bob Hermann ran several test to discover the issue in my gut that was causing me to have irregular bowel movement, and maintain excess weight over the years. Dr Bob’s knowledge to treat me with the correct supplements supported my digestive system in recovery. I was able to correct my irregular bowel movements, lose weight and maintain the weight-loss. My energy level improved aiding me to return to the job market. Midwest Functional Medicine gave me my life back! I enjoy feeling good in my body again, knowing that my lab values have been corrected to give me balance for a healthy life. My Medical Provider was impressed with the changes of my health status with the help of Midwest Functional Medicine. In conclusion,I highly recommend adding this practice of Midwest Functional Medicine for correcting and providing health benefits. Dr. Bob Hermann made a world of difference in my health returning to a feeling of well-being. Thanks to Dr. Bob Hermann at Midwest Functional Medicine I can enjoy being 62 with knowing my health is in good hands.
Jeannine Kidwell
December 12, 2019
Dr. Hermann is the best! Very caring and kind, and a great chiropractor and person!
Terry Beitz
September 2, 2019
For the past year I have been dealing with terrible neck pain. I have had several injections in my neck and it seemed like the problem was worsening. I decided to try Dr. Herman because he is board certified in orthopedics. This ended up being a great decision. After just a few visits, my quality of life improved greatly and I could get back to doing the activities I loved. As I sit here today, I’m blessed to say for the first time in over a year, I am pain free! Therefore,if you are in pain, give him a call!
Joe Wright
June 7, 2019
I was suffering from back pain from few month. Dr Hermann treatment help me to reduce the pain from 90% to 10% in first visit only. Thanks Dr. Hermann and staff. I feel so good to get up early morning without back pain.
Seema Mane
Feb 2, 2019
I went for neck pain and they got me in the day of! The receptionist was so nice when I called, Certainly the best service I've ever had at a doctor's office. Then when I got there the doctor was so friendly and he was so genuine while listening. I am a student and can't afford X-rays and he was so understanding too! Great, quality service! As a result, I would highly recommend.
Nicole Bornsheuer
March 13, 2018
Thursday, August 31, 2017
I've never been to a chiropractor before, but I am particular about medical service personnel. Dr Hermann is a great guy, and I love the his staff. I very much appreciate his pragmatic approach to treatment as well. I highly recommend.
Jefferey Martin
April 3, 2016
Dr. Bob has been a miracle worker for me. I spent two years of my life suffering from terrible headaches. Therefore I couldn't get out of bed some days. I saw multiple neurologists and tried several different medications without seeing and improvements. In addition, I was even placed on bed rest at one point in time. With Dr. Bob's help I can now say I'm no longer on any medication and headache free for several months. Dr.Bob gave me my life back.
Dan Riddle
June 19, 2017
Dr. Hermann is the best. I lived in Chicagoland for 26 years before coming back home to Central Illinois. No one I saw up there had half the talent or bedside manner of this man. Bloomington has a rare chiropractic talent in his practice. I wish him much success for many years to come, hope he never leaves B/N, and will always be my chiropractor. If only I had a GP as good as him.
Barry Koehler
July 29. 2017
I was suffering from back pain from past 10 years and Dr Hermann fixed the pain within first few visits. Certainly, I am completely satisfied with the treatment given.
Pavan J
March 2, 2019
Recently began getting my chiropractic care here. I've been able to get in to see "Dr. Bob" on the same day that I've called for an appointment, which is a key factor when experiencing neck/back pain. The results have been immediate!
Terri Morgan
December 12, 2016
Headaches are a thing of the past! So lucky to have Dr. Hermann!
Amy Beall
February 21, 2015