chiropractor bloomington low back pain

In our office we use acupuncture primarily for pain control. Acupuncture is a little bit different from other types of healing. In western medicine the focus is on disease.With acupuncture the focus is on increasing your health so that your body can be disease-free.  With acupuncture we are trying to balance the energy in the body or what the Chinese call chi. According to Chinese acupuncture, you receive your chi from several sources. These include air, water, food and exercise. Therefore, diet, exercise and lifestyle are very important considerations with acupuncture treatment.

 After a history is taken, orthopedic and neurologic testing will help us to determine where the pain is coming from and acupuncture would be a reasonable form of treatment. If it is determined that acupuncture would be a good form of treatment, treatment can begin.

Very small needles are inserted into the skin along acupuncture points.  These needles are so small that there is no pain when they are inserted.  When the needle is removed there is no bleeding. Generally  needles are left in for 20 minutes although times can vary. Many patients will begin to see results after the first visit.  However sometimes it can take several visits to start seeing improvement.  Typical frequency of visits would be two times a week for three weeks and then reevaluate.

So if you’re having pain that has not responded to any other type treatment call our office at 663-2423 and set up an appointment to see if acupuncture may be right for you. See our home page for a New Patient Special.