Back Muscle Pain

back muscle chart

Certainly, back muscle pain is strong and annoying. And moreover it can linger on and on. Back muscle pain is usually a dull achy pain not a sharp pain. In addition, it can have a tooth ache quality to it where it will ache all day.

Moreover, muscle pain can be one or both sided. It can result from an injury. Also it can result from chronic posture strain such as sitting all day or a spinal curvature. Exercise certainly can help back muscles.

Other causes of back pain are sciatica, disc injury, nerve pressure and facet pain.

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Low back muscle pain

First of all, lets look at the latissimus dorsi muscle. It looks like a lumbar support. Subsequently, this is an important muscle to exercise in the gym with a lat pull down exercise. The erector spinae muscles (not pictured) are deep muscles right next to the spine. Certainly they will tighten up with just about any spinal condition. So when they tighten they can generate pain. Chiropractic is very effective with muscle pain in the lower back.

Mid back pain

Looking at the chart, you can see the T12 vertebrae in the lower part of the middle back. And moreover the trapezius muscle attaches onto T12. As a result, T12 is a common area to have back pain. Certainly the erector spinae muscle can generate pain in the mid back.

The rhomboid muscle (not pictured) is between your shoulder blades. It can cause pain with neck or mid back back problems.

Neck pain

The upper part of the trapezius muscle goes all the way up to the back of the skull. As a result, the “trap” can cause headaches when it is in constant tension. And moreover the erector spinae muscles in the neck are a potential pain generator.