Dietary Antigen Tests - Food Allergies

Food allergies

Testing for food allergies (sensitivity) is very helpful in developing a dietary strategy to reduce symptoms and restore health.  Of course, avoidance of known cross reactive foods is also necessary. Ultimately, repairing the gut flora with target supplementation, the offending food can often be brought back into the diet.

IgG and IgA are immune reactions occurring up to 72 hours after eating the reactive food. Certainly, this makes it difficult to figure out what the offending food(s) are. Ask yourself, “what did I eat 72 hours ago that is causing my stomach ache?” Eliminating inflammatory foods can often be the missing piece of the puzzle.  As a result, the gut heals and the chronic health condition goes away.

The most common food allergies are dairy, eggs, gluten grains (wheat, oats, rye), corn, beans (especially soy), and nuts. There are seldom real allergies to meat, rice, millet, vegetables, or fruit.  However, an allergy to garlic is not uncommon. Click here for food allergies study

A real allergy, IgE,  causes a histamine inflammatory reaction at the site of the small intestine lining. Sensitivity, which may cause uncomfortable symptoms, is seldom is damaging.

Sensitivities are usually due to low stomach acid or pancreatic enzyme secretion, in other words, poor digestion.

In the healing of the intestinal lining, exposure to a significant food allergies can sabotage the treatment. For example, one may be very good at restricting wheat, dairy and eggs, but then compromises the treatment by taking garlic tablets.

The process:

Our team will first review all medical records and history of your condition. Certainly, there will be important assessment forms to fill out and evaluated. In addition, extensive in depth lab work will evaluate your individual chemistry.   We assess diet, sleep, stress, and genetics with the above core processes. Then we determine the best individualized treatment for you. Treatment includes, of course, diet and lifestyle changes. Stress can be a major factor in chronic illness. Our health coach helps you in dealing with stress. Medical food through dietary supplements help to give you necessary ingredients to heal.

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Fun Fact

Your body has approximately 10,000 proteins. These proteins are manufactured by your body in a very complicated but elegant process. The instructions for making these proteins are encoded in your DNA.