4 Ways to Beat Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS

irritable bowel syndrome

1. Change your diet

Health begins in the gut and what you put in your gut determines your health. What is the best irritable bowel syndrome diet? At Midwest Functional Medicine we don’t guess which diet is best for you. Therefore, we test you to determine what foods you are allergic to, because those foods are causing inflammation in your GI tract. There are four different types of immune reactions to test for: IgG, IgE, IgG4 and complement. We often have patients eating foods they think are healthy foods, such as broccoli, when that food is actually causing an autoimmune response and inflammation. In summary, by testing for food allergies we can eliminate a major inflammation producer in the gut.

Irritable bowel syndrome laboratory tests

2. Have a comprehensive stool analysis

I am always amazed when a patient with chronic irritable bowel syndrome has not had a comprehensive stool test. This is not just a test to see if you have blood in your stool, this tests for much more. Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms can have many causes and it is important to find out why you are having these IBS symptoms. Most importantly, our stool test tests for hidden bacterial infections, parasites, mucus production, protein, fat and carb digestion, inflammation and yeast and mold infections. Certainly, having this knowledge we can individualize treatment to produce excellent results. Click here for Microbiome study

Health coach

3. Work with a health coach

Making major changes in diet and lifestyle is difficult. It’s hard to not eat a cookie for 3 days, how are you going to make major changes in diet and lifestyle? Firstly, if you are cooking and have a question about an ingredient, the health coach is a text away. Secondly, they will hold your hand and walk you through the process. Thirdly, you wouldn’t think of having a sports team without a coach and this is no different. Our success rate skyrockets with a great health coach.

Irritable bowel syndrome supplements

4. Your supplements should match your test results

In consultations with patients with irritable bowel syndrome and other chronic illness, they are almost always taking nutritional supplements. When I ask why they are taking a particular supplement I often get a blank stare or a vague answer. However, every supplement you take should have a reason behind it. Certainly, that reason should be to remedy a test result. Moreover, even probiotics vary widely. They should be matched to your microbiome that was tested with a stool sample. Your diet should match your food allergy tests. In conclusion, the days of guessing are over. Don’t guess, Test!

Individual results may vary. Patients have varying degrees of severity of their conditions. In conclusion, your results may vary depending on the nature and severity of your condition.


Putting it all together to beat IBS

At Midwest Functional Medicine we have a different approach to irritable bowel syndrome and other disorders. I will get to the cause of the problem, not just treat symptoms. By performing the above tests we can assess biochemical pathways and develop a personalized plan with medical grade nutritional supplements and a personal health coach to help you with the process. We will discover foods that are inflammatory to you so you can avoid them. Our health coach will help you eliminate toxins from your diet and environment so your body will be better able to heal itself. Therefore, if you are ready to take control of your health click the link below and let’s get started.

Individual results may vary. Patients are individuals with varying degrees of severity of their conditions. Therefore, your results may be different from another patient.