Herniated disc pain

Herniated disc

Herniated disc pain, or in other words, bulging disc pain, causes a lot of discomfort. The pain will be on one side with numbness, tingling and weakness radiating into the arm. In addition, the the pain can be between the shoulder blades in the rhomboid muscle.

Herniated disc pain relief is difficult to obtain. We will need to reduce the inflammation surrounding the disc and nerve. Manual manipulation or chiropractic is effective at reducing this inflammation. Certainly, this injury is a lot like pinching your finger in the car door. If you smash your finger it would be red and swollen. Definitely you would put ice on your finger to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Anatomy of the spine

There are five nerve roots coming out of your neck to go down your arm. In addition, the nerves run together before they go down your arm. Eventually they go down your arm as three nerves. One of these nerves ends up in your thumb and forefinger. Another goes to the middle finger. Another goes to the little finger and the fourth digit. Most importantly, we can tell where the pinch is in your neck by where your symptoms are. For instance, if your symptoms are in the 4th and 5th digit, we know with some certainty where the pinch is. If treatment is not successful we will order an MRI. This test allows us to visualize the nerve and disc and further evaluate the disc pain.

Study on manipulation

Other causes of neck pain

However, there are other causes of neck and arm pain besides herniated disc pain. some of these are:

Muscle pain

Facet pain

Short leg syndrome

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