Sacroiliac Joint - SI Joint

Sacroiliac joint

The sacroiliac joint or SI joint can generate a lot of pain. It is formed by your tailbone being wedged in between your pelvic bones. Your tailbone is also called your sacrum. The top part of your pelvis is called your ileum. Sacrum and ileum, so the joint that is formed from the two bones is called your sacroiliac joint. The pain is usually very strong pain because  the joint has an irregular joint space so when it mis-aligns there is a sharp edge generating the pain rather than a smooth edge. SI joint pain can literally immobilize you because it is so strong.

Symptoms of sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Symptoms of dysfunction or misalignment in this joint include:

  • Strong sharp pain over the SI joint. (seems obvious enough)
  • Cyclic pain with walking over the joint. When you put weight on one leg when walking you have sacroiliac joint pain on that side.
  • Pain in the sacroiliac joint when sleeping on your side with the painful side down.
  • About 70% of patients with SI joint problems will have pain in the groin because the groin is where the front of the joint is.
  • Pain only on one side because usually only one SI joint is inflamed.


Fortunately, treatment of SI pain is usually fairly easy. With a special adjusting table called a drop table, a gentle adjustment is performed which will relieve the pain. Even when you are in a lot of pain the adjustment does not hurt because it is a very easy adjustment. Chiropractic treatment along with physical therapy such as electrical stimulation or acupuncture, treatment for most patients goes very well and the prognosis is good.

If you are experiencing the symptoms described above, it is most likely your sacroiliac joint, so give us a call and we will help you get rid of your pain.

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